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A scary victory… exploded

Last night, at approximately 9 p.m. I found out that Osama bin Laden was confirmed dead. The terrorist that scared terrorists is now dead. COMFORTING and a victory indeed. But I would be lying if I didn’t say I was scared about Pakistan and US becoming vulnerable to future attacks of violence.

Obama addressed the nation an hour later and spoke of how he realized bin Laden was in Pakistan months prior and with the support of the Pakistani government, 6 unnamed men were able to capture the deadliest man I have ever read about… after Hitler. On that note, May 1, 1945 was when Hitler was confirmed dead and now on May 1, 2011 bin Laden is confirmed dead. I was really hoping Obama would have addressed national security last night in his address; however, I am positive that he secured reelection for 2012! Well-deserved.

So how did people find out about bin Laden’s death? 78% found out from TWITTER (and in second place was facebook with 7%) Whattup social media! 

According to USA Today, the first mention of bin Laden being dead was reported via Twitter and how Twitter exploded after that was beyond sensational. 

Within hours, there were more than 2.2 million mentions of bin Laden on Twitter — 1.5 million of them in the U.S., according to social-media analytics firm Sysomos. Twitter says its online traffic spiked to more than 4,000 Tweets per second at the beginning and end of President Obama’s speech. Indeed, bin Laden’s death had 13 times more mentions than the Royal Wedding

How did you find out about bin Laden’s death? 

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Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

Yes. That looks as weird to see written as it does to say out loud. By now, many of you may know about Trump’s plans to run as president for 2012. 

Donald Trump: billionaire real estate tycoon who hosts his own T.V. show Apprentice, wants to run as a nominee on the Republican ballot, and if he does not get nominated as a Republican he will run as an Independent. 

I would want a President not based on his financial status or fame, but on his ability to actually be able to run the country and be able to work well with other countries — and for many reasons I believe that Donald Trump would not be able to do that effectively.

First, as a very rich Republican he flaunts his money and his decisions would clearly not help the low and middle class, which I currently am in as a student. I also think Trump is too opinionated and does not relay this thoughts in a politically correct manner. His bluntness could easily upset groups of Americans and could potentially even offend other countries.

I wonder if his acceptance rates are increasing as a joke to see how far this actually goes OR if his ratings are going up because he is a celebrity and people recognize his name OR if someone out there  actually believes he will be able to make a difference. I personally believe that celebrities should not get involved in politics - with that, I think Trump should stay in his realm of TV shows and not be making decisions that could determine the future of the country I live in.

 From a PR standpoint, if Trump is seriously considering running for president, he should really work on getting himself the “face and personality” of the president by focusing on American values and likability. He just doesn’t come off as the family man that most Americans see in their president. With that, Trump should really make a campaign around qualities that are relatable to the average American, and money doesn’t cut it. 

In fact, running his mouth doesn’t cut it either. Trump’s strategy to bad mouth Obama by questioning his education and birth certificate is stupid. In fact, he also gets aggressive with celebs who ride in the anti-trump bandwagon, such as Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld. 

From an average American’s perspective, Trump seems to intimidating and not a nice person to deal with.. ESPECIALLY to deal with as our president. 

BASICALLY THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE. but its not. I love Obama, I think he is a great human with great intentions, and uses social media like a champ. However, he has not lived up to his “hope campaign” and basically feels as if he used college students “first-time voting” experience to his advantage. I feel used in a good political marketing campaign. Now with Trump splitting the Republican party, Obama might just win again and THIS TIME I WANT TO SEE REFORMS. I want to see this hope you spoke of, I want to see this change you made Americans dream of. 




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