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The one thing Kardashian’s CAN’T get…

Apparently reality stars are not allowed to get a star in the Hollywood Wall of Fame. Makes sense, you need some talent outside of being a socialite to get a star. So TV favorites including Kim Kardashian and Snookie won’t ever be given the opportunity to have a drunkie Californian pee on their name. #tragic. 

They could always play a role in a movie. Or make their own. (ok low blow, just kidding!)

Ana Martinez, VP for Media Relations and Producer for the Hollywood Walk of Fame posted on the Walk of Fame Facebook Page saying, "Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars? Hell to the No!"

But then again, Ryan Seacrest has a star… what’s his talent: great host? Seems pretty unfair. After all, Kimmy K has hollywood written all over her.

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